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Struggling to find the perfect gift for an adventure enthusiast?

We get it, choosing the right gift is HARD, especially for those who have a passion for the outdoors, snow sports and adventures. Even if you do have an idea - which is the right gift? Salana Gift Cards give back the gift of choice, allowing them to choose the eyewear they really want and need - or put towards that special purchase they've been saving for.

How will I receive my gift card?

Gift cards are delivered digitally via email, so it's a quick and easy process. You'll be provided with clear instructions on how to redeem them at checkout. Unlike so many, our gift cards have no hidden costs or additional processing fees.

Can't see the gift card amount you'd like?

Contact us directly on and our team will be more than happy to assist.

Please note: It may take between 24-48 hours to receive your gift card via email during a standard working week - Gift Cards are only valid for one year, make sure you spend it in time to avoid disappointment. DISCOUNT CODES CANNOT BE USED TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. Any sales made in error using a discount code will be cancelled and refunded.